Tools for Management

lifetimewool is developing a wide range of tools to help producers manage their ewe flock more effectively. These tools and worksheets are designed to be used in conjunction with the ewe management guides which are being developed for each region and a range of production systems.

Condition Scoring method and handy assessment guide
    These pages have a printable condition scoring chart and a histogram chart for easy recording.

Pasture Quality and Quantity
    These pages include the relationship between quality and digestibility and the impact of clover on metabolisable energy.

Herbage Mass - measuring pastures in NSW
    In NSW pasture is usually described in terms of Herbage Mass rather than Feed on Offer. This page describes the technique and differences between  the 2 methods. 

Pasture Photo Gallery
    These pages include photo standards for pasture assessment and tips for assessment. Available as hard copy booklets or photos on the web.
        Feed On Offer Photo Gallery annual pastures  &
        Feed On Offer Photo Gallery for eastern Australia

Calculate the Reproductive Rate of your Flock
    These pages show the relationship between condition at joining and reproductive rate and give a simple method for working out the responsiveness of your flock.

Feed Budgeting 
          Feed budgeting in the dry and droughts - annual and mixed perennial pastures
          Feed budgeting at the break of season - annual clover based pastures
          Feed budgeting in the green - mixed pastures south-eastern Australia
          Feed budgeting for pastures in NSW - using herbage mass as a base

Glossary of Terms

Ewe Management Handbooks
Available as a hard copy booklet or as a downloadable PDF from this site.