Reproductive Rate of Merino Flocks
Ewes in higher condition at joining conceive more lambs (through more twins and less dries) and condition at day of joining is the major predictor of lambing performance and is more important than changes in condition prior to the joining period or during the joining period.

Reproductive Rate (lambs scanned per 100 ewes) increases linearly with condition score between 1.5 and 4.5. and increases by an average of 20 lambs for each additional Condition Score at joining. However, the response in Reproductive Rate to Condition Score is highly variable with some flocks showing no response (i.e. 0 extra lambs per CS) and others achieving up to 40 additional lambs per CS). The response depends on genotype (more twinners) and the time of lambing (autumn joining has higher natural reproductive rates).

To determine the reproductive response of your flock please print out the  Reproductive Rate Worksheet or for an electronic version using Fat Score as a basis

Graph detailing the probability of a ewe being a dry, single or twin and the corresponding reproductive rate