Northern Tablelands Sheep Zone - New South Wales

This zone is characterised by hot summers and cold winters and pastures include a mix of perennial grasses and legumes and annual grasses. Due to a shorter growing season and slow winter growth, there are differences in pasture growth rates and total feed on offer produced. This affects the potential stocking rate and pasture utilisation and therefore affects the recommendations for ewe management.

The economic analysis that supports these recommendations for this region will be posted on this site in August 2007.

Ewe Fat Score Targets 

Production from ewes and their progeny can be predicted with confidence from knowledge of the ewe Fat Score (FS) profile.  The profile sets the FS targets for key times during the reproductive cycle. Ewe FS at joining and at lambing set the framework of the profile and the environmental conditions, including expected level of pasture available in late-pregnancy, dictate the shape of the profile for a particular region. There is no universal optimum production system and the 'optimum' ewe FS targets will differ for different environments, production systems (e.g. genotype, time of lambing, flock structure) and commodity prices. The best approach for improving stocking rates is to adopt stocking policies and grazing management practices which takes account of the large between and within years differences in pasture production at any location.

Fat Score Profiles: 

Fat Score profiles and targets vary between region, lambing times and enterprise type.  These graphs outline the targeted FS profile and acts as a constant reference for how your mob is performing. Print out and plot the FS of your mob against the targeted FS profile, so that by the end of the year you have a FS profile for your own ewes.  Remember - ewe FS for joining can be influenced from weaning and therefore it is important to monitor changes in ewe condition between weaning and joining.

Fat Score Targets  for Northern and Northern Tablelands NSW

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northern NSW profile

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