Lifetime  Ewe Management
more lambs, better wool, healthy ewes

Gain the skills and confidence to manage ewe reproduction increasing the profitability of your sheep enterprise

The program works!
The program was developed by producers for producers.

Lifetime Ewe Management is a nationally accredited course involving groups of five producers and six 'hands-on' sessions over 12months.  It is structured to maximise knowledge retention, skills development and practice change.  Each producer monitors a mob of their own ewes to demonstrate the effects of nutrition and management has in their environment.

Lifetime Ewe Management is  coordinated by Rural Industry Skills Training (Victoria). RIST specialises in providing short course training opportunities to farmers. The course is facilitated by private and government specialists who have been trained in pasture and animal assessment and understand the sheep Industry.

Who's been involved?

LTEM has been delivered to more than 2000 Merino and cross-bred producers across <st1:country-region w:st="on">Australia </st1:country-region> .  In Victoria , LTEM participants improved the number of lambs weaned per hectare by 30%.  This was achieved through a 15% increase in ewe stocking rate, a 50% reduction ewe mortality and a 15% increase in weaning rates.

What you will gain?

You will gain key skills and knowledge that will allow you to improve your flock's reproductive performance and optimise ewe stocking rates.

Lifetime Ewe Management is
§          for small groups of sheep producers
§          about managing your own ewes
§          a nationally accredited course with 6 meetings during the  year

Key topics

   Weaning and preparing ewes for next year's joining
Setting up for joining — manipulating ewe condition
Linking ewe condition at joining with lambing potential
Mid-pregnancy —looking forward and planning for lambing
Late pregnancy — optimising lamb survival and futureproductivity
Economic analysis of different feeding strategies

What now?

Find otherinterested sheep producers in your area and get a Lifetime Ewe Management group together to increase the profitability of your ewe based sheep enterprise.

LTEM operates best if the total travelling distance between all of the farms in the group is less than 100km.

For more information on Lifetime  Ewe Management and deliverers in your area , contact Kirsty Kennedy (RIST), 03 5573 0943,