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The breeding ewe plays a pivotal role in the wool production system - she is the engine room of the wool business.  It makes good sense to have her in the right condition at the right time as her condition affects;

  • reproduction levels and lamb survival  


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  • wool production of herself and her progeny 
  • pasture utilisation and efficient use of feed resources

lifetimewool has a series of ewe and pasture targets that increase productivity and profitability of the Merino sheep enterprise for regions across southern Australia. There are also management guidelines and tools for ewe flocks at all times of the year.

The Sheep CRC supports and utilises the information developed by Lifetimewool within its work and continues to build on the findings and recommendations of the project. This website is being added to as new information becomes available so please visit us regularly to view new information and tools.

Lifetimewool was funded and supported by Australian wool producers through Australian Wool Innovation Limited, state government agencies and farm businesses.

Lifetime Ewe Management
This program has developed from the Lifetimewool project and is an exciting course for farmers to increase reproduction and whole farm profit from  sheep.  Run through RIST (Vic) it is available to all producers in southern Australia. 

Products and Tools
For access to Lifetimewool's tools please use the 'Tools' tab or to order hard copies directly please email AWI (simon.crump@wool.com) or Mandy Curnow    mandy.curnow@agric.wa.gov.au

Sheep CRC 

The Sheep CRC is a cooperative research centre which is focusing on the transformation of the sheep and its products.  The new knowledge generated by the Lifetimewool project is now a part of the Sheep CRC.  Please visit their site to view latest work and subscribe to the newsletter.    Contact the Sheep CRC                            

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