Lifetime Wool - more lambs, better wool, healthy ewes
  How to find out more!
If you are interested in finding out more about lifetimewool or any other information regarding this project, please contact the lifetimewool state representatives listed below.


Dr Ralph Behrendt (State Leader)
Dept Primary Industries Victoria, HAMILTON. Tel: 03- 3   55730979

Western Australia

Dr Chris Oldham (State Leader)
Dept Agriculture and Food WA, ALBANY. Tel: 08-98928 444

New South Wales

Dr Sue Hatcher (State Leader)
Dept. Primary Industries, ORANGE. Tel: 02-6391 3861


Andrew Bailey (State Leader)
TIAR University of Tasmania

South Australia

Dr Janelle Hocking Edwards (State Leader)
SA Research & Development Institute, STRUAN. Tel: 08-8762-9191

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